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Think to do before you sleep

Assalammualaikum and greetings to the readers of this post .. (don't forget to answer that salam) .. Today, I want to share somethings that relate to ourselves ..everyone know that everyone must sleep right? ..  who never sleep please comment your name (human only) the way,back to our original topicwhich is the things to do before going to bed ..

Here are things to do before bed

Among them is:
1. Quran recitation

The meaning here is read and practice Surah Al-Ikhlas 3 times .. This is because, if the chapter is read once, then it equals one-third of the Quran .. Praise be to God, we see how easy it is to earn the reward .. in only one minute,we are able to collect a reward as were seal Quran .. see how God love us ..Subhanallah..

In a hadith narrated explain ..
" From Ayesha RA reported: The Messenger of Allah when lying in his bed every night , he raised his hands ( like praying ) , then blow and recite Surah Al -Ikhlas , Surah Al - Falak and Surah An- Naas , then he rubbed his hands throughout the body that can be cast aside from the head and face and the front of his body. he did three times. "(Narrated by Imam Tirmidhi )

2.Request intercession for yourself
How to apply for self intercession prayers are with the practice of the Prophet (selawat) each time before going to sleep every night.Prophet will help someone in the day no one can help except themselves and their practices ..

3. Hajj and Umrah
That means increasing the rosary ( Praise be to God ) , tahmid ( thank God ) , prayers ( la ilaha illallah ) , takbir ( allahu akbar ) and forgiveness ( Astaghfirullah hal Adzim ) . Where,if you do all these seem to have been performing haj and umrah .. God knows the truth . . Otherelse,you can read Bismillahirahmanirrahim 21 times.After that , read the prayer before sleep.For who then fall asleep and then wake up, God's counting sleep time as you're reciting the dzikir.That person was regarded as a remembrance(Allah) continuous and not regular sleep but sleep in remembrance(to Allah) .

4.Ask pleasure of the Muslim
The purpose of seeking guidance to the Muslims also is a way to pray and ask Allah to forgive all Muslims and recite prayers were muslimat.HEre is the one way to recite it:

astaghfirullahalazim li wali waa lidaiya wali jami ilmuslimina wal muslimat wal muminin wal mukminat alahya immin hum wal amwat.
Meaning: Forgive me O God the Almighty, my parents, and sisters all , believers and believing that is alive and who is dead .

Prayers before sleep :
" Bismikallahhumma ahyaa wa bismika amuut "
Meaning: In the name Of Allah I live and I die. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim )

Wake After Sleep prayers :
" Alhamdulillaahil ladzii ahyaanaa ba'da amaatanaa wa maa ilayhin nusyuur . " 
Meaning: Praise be to Allah Who gives us after we turn off . To Him shall we return ( Narrated by Bukhari )

When I wake up what to do .. the Prophet s.a.w had said, which means :
"Satan will bind someone 's head while he was sleeping with three ties , causing you to sleep long enough . When one of you rise and says the name of Allah , it will be the first bond escaped . Whenever he performs wuduk it will open a second bond . When it Prayer , it will be escaped all rooted . it will feel a freshness and peace of heart , if not it will feel lazy and clutter heart " . (Narrated by Imam Bukhari ) .

Prophet s.a.w. also always practice reading Surah As-sajdah Surah Al - Mulk before going to bed because reading of this chapter will make the tomb as a prosperous and bright.To avoid Satan and jinn in your sleep , the read ayatul-Kursi and verse 4 Qul as protection..

Additional Info
On how Prophet s.a.w sleep
According to a Hadith of the Prophet s.a.w narrated by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim, which means :
" If you go to sleep , wudu' like you go to prayer , then lie down on the right waist and read the prayer and make it the last prayer of the invisible. "

Prophet s.a.w had been sleep by placing one foot on the other foot as it is within the meaning of the Hadith :
" From bi Abbad Tamim , from his uncle, that the Prophet SAW sleep in the mosque , placing one leg over the other. " ( Hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim )

Finally, the command according to ability respectively .. I just do everything that i can do.. This is because each of us has the ability and inclination of differents.Allah never stingy in giving gratuities to the servants .. Ending topics today,all good things come from Allah and all that is bad comes from my own ..That's all .. As salam .. Happy Charity ..

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